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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Judgement day; thesis blues...

My head hurts....

Well I hope you guys can bear with the font size...anything bigger than this is just gonna make my headache worse. Its already the size of Africa really, and its driving me nuts!

Lets see, today's judgement least for us 3rd year UMS students anyways. Of course, as planned today was submissions for our thesis projects and I bet its proved to be a date to remember for some of us slackers. Many, many stories of how we'd end up with at least 60-pages ring-binded in three copies being submitted into the trustworthy hands of 'abang opis' with a great sigh of relief. Some great stories, some good, some bad and some just lame...but I believe each and every one of us deserved a pat on the back for the efforts (although so little, think micro joules) we've put into it. I submitted my thesis at exactly 3pm today, along with Wahidah, being the 31st person of doing so for Biotech. Wahidah had this ghastly 100-page thick thesis which directly sent shivers down my itty bitty spine; thinking how on earth she could've pulled something like that in a few weeks. Don't get me wrong - she's a smart bloke, genius in comparison but I've gone through shards of pain and suffering writing my thesis....and I only managed a mediocre 70-page report. Well, let's just hope mine's quality over quantity.

There's more stories to tell about these thesis stuffs. I know Erni has gone through hell (who doesn't?) with her bulletins in Friendster, and a word of caution for our younger prodigies - TIME MANAGEMENT. Managing your time wisely will save you a tad load of problems later. Oh, and mix that with a bucket-full of luck in your work - you're gonna need a lot of 'em to get out alive and sane, believe me. But entirely it was a very great experience for me, doing all these stuffs, looking smart while doing it although you have no clue of what you're doing. Congratulations to all my collegues who made it through today - lets go crazeeey tonight ok?

Hmmm, lets see what else - there's a whole lot I wanna tell you guys about my Kudat trip, but I don't think right now...there's still these people in my doing construction works in my skull and my medula oblongata's ringing like hell now. Oh, tommorow's MAGRA night - and I'm going. I know its kinda lame going to these dinners and stuff, being all dressed up and looking good. Well, final year..what's the damage in going really? Dress-code's been stringent as ever...either batik or baju melayu, or opt for traditional Sabahan costumes. Dang.

More stuff to think about.

Might I remind you guys that my headache's preventing me from thinking clearly so I have not the conscious of filtering the words I'm using for this post - I apologize for any harsh statements of any kind. Guess 2-tablets of panadol's not working....still got crazy people screaming in my head. Guess its better off going straight to dreamland at this point. Hope tommorow's gonna be better physically and mentally for me.

I love my life.


P/S : Afzal, got your mail today. The fact that it was nearly 2 months late didn't matter - the stuff inside spoke for itself. The MU pocket radio was great; Aiysha's crazy bout it. Don't get me started on the poster. Thanks a lot!

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