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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"The one who is celebrated..."

Happy birthday my darling Fifah; may this day musters happiness and joy, clairvoyance and wisdom, contentment and gratitude for another year well spent. My prayers humbly praise for only wonderful things to venture your path, be acquitted of your vices and bequeathed amnesty from God.

My dearest wife,

Youth is happy because it garners the ability of seeing beauty. Always know that you are forever youthful in my eyes, for you are a an exquisite being, a refinement of the very allures of beauty. This heart yearns for none other than you, and this mind thrives the most on the very thought of you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with me, and for giving me the opportunity to continuously make you the happiest person in the world.

My dearest wife,

I have been thankful for a lot of things you have done in my life, and this year I once again convey similar gratitudes to you. This year promises many splendors for you and I, my dear. This year we venture from being a couple, to becoming parents. Thank you for the strength and perseverance you've exhibited throughout the past few months. Thank you for soldiering through the pains and discomfort, the transitions and change, the incessant worries and concerns. Thank you for providing our unborn child a wonderful nest and a comfortable 'waiting room'. I know that our child will be born an alluring, angelic blessing - for she had already be imbued with such qualities 9 months prior in your womb.

My dearest wife,

Today grants another year to your age. With that, you have benefited as a wiser and stronger person. I have always been proud of you my darling, and will continue to be to the end of days. I promise you my life to share; to experience joy and pain, and to grow equally as individuals. I promise you my loyalty and companionship, to never leave you astray when you need me the most, and to be that guiding light in your darkest of days.  And I promise you security my dear; for as much as this body can bear - it will be battered, bruised and ached to ensure that you are always safe and content.

My dearest wife,

Happy birthday once again, from this man who locked eyes with you in front of the lecture hall 10 years ago - and has not taken his gaze off ever since. Happy birthday, from this man who confessed his love 10 years ago - and which love has never ceased growing ever since. Happy birthday, from this man who still found you as an alluring, attractive, most beautiful person 10 years ago - but still does to this day and beyond, ever since.

May Allah grant you a long, illustrious life; filled of accolades and achievements exceeding all your hopes and dreams. May He confer you a life of good health and happiness, wisdom and intelligence. And may He bestow upon you courage, strength and persistence - to achieve all that you have set for yourself in your life. May this coming of year grants you the opportunity to live your happiest and most fulfilling of years, may its coming also inspire in you sageness and humility.

Today is you birthday my dearest, and I hope you have a blast. I love you so very, very much; and I will continue to love you for as long as you would graciously allow me to.

Everything I've yearned for, you've made it come true - but the greatest give of all that's true, is to be loved by you. Happy birthday, my sayang.

From your dearest husband,


Balkis Yusoff said...

So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttt.................

Azwa said...

happy birthday fifah :) this entry is so sweet, jep :) can't wait to see ur juniors ...