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Thursday, March 08, 2012

"The one with them Street Photography : Part 1.."

It takes an effort to shift from a predisposed monolithic paradigm of thinking nowadays. But the truth is, in life - we are all part of a grand and dynamic puzzle; each piece playing a part in an existence of a bigger purpose.

"Kalau ingin menimba ilmu, biarlah hingga ke negeri China."
[When in pursuit of knowledge, let it be until the lengths of China.]

Travelling lets you realize that we are all part of a bigger picture; a grander plan; and a unified purpose. To live harmoniously with each other is the epitome of our being, and to be closer to our Creator is the destination we pursue.

Of course, along the journey God has made it pleasant by the existence of such organic and dynamic surroundings.

'Walkway' - Launceston, Tasmania

'Walkers Flowers' - Launceston, Tasmania.

'Intersection' - Hobart, Tasmania.

'Descending sunset' - Hobart, Tasmania

'Centre Plaza @ Degraves Lane' - Melbourne, Victoria.

'Rivals' @ Bourke St' - Melbourne, Victoria.

'Federation Square' - Melbourne, Victoria.

I think that the most wise of people are those whom travel, and in their travels they always find time to stop and experience their surroundings. Being abroad helps you put a lot of things into perspective. You learn to appreciate the diversity of people, of different races, religion, beliefs and customs, mentality and systems. You slowly become more accepting of others, and in the process instill a little bit of humbleness.

But more importantly, travelling also reminds you to be thankful of all the simple pleasures we have back home. 

'Land on development' - Kajang, Selangor.

In many ways, we here in Malaysia are better and more comfortable than what we think. Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri - baik lagi di negeri sendiri


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