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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"The one with the potluck gathering..."

I just looove a family gathering, especially one where everybody dresses up. Naturally, during my recent trip back home PakTam & MakTam gave us the liberty of organizing a potluck dinner at their house; in lieu of the Aidilfitri celebrations, and also benedictions for Atiqah and Nabilla's impending SPM exams in November.

As always, everyone had a wonderful time. It's great to catch up with relatives I haven't met in quite a while, updating ourselves with current rants and tales. I feel that such congregations, no matter how frequent or infrequent never fails to remind you of the love God shares with us; through our family and friends. It is at these times, you momentarily lapse into contentment. No problem is too worrisome and no anguish is too fearful.

I love family gatherings because they remind me that you should never take anyone for granted. In true adage to the saying - you don't miss your water till the well runs dry. Thank you to PakTam and MakTam for their graciousness of being hosts for this year's celebrations, as well as to everyone for sharing their scrumptious delicacies and treasured time with all of us.

Here's a glimpse of how the evening went;

Of course - Adam was the center stage of the evening. Cheeky boy indeed.

A lot of people dream for the perfect family; a mixture of great, wonderful individuals that mark a collection of people we can relate to; see ourselves in; and relive our past memories. What we all fail to see is, we probably already have them at our discourse - only we find ourselves chasing over vacant air.

On mama's side of the family - this is what I deem perfect. I would not change any part of it at all.

Probably perfection is just a matter of mindset. Probably perfection, is us making the best out of what we convene imperfect.

And probably perfection, after all - does not come by finding the perfect people; but by learning to see an imperfect person, perfectly.



Rajik said...

Well said Jeff... - Rajik

Richard Nicolasora said...

your family is as adorable as your photos. which camera are you using? They colors are as vibrant as the smiles of the people in it.

JeP said...

Rajik - Thanks bro. Where're u currently at & how have you been?

Richard - Thank you very much..even the pictures don't do justice to how lovely they are. Anyways, most of my recent photos were taken using my trusty Canon 5D. How about you?

PakTam said...

Jep & Fifah,

PakTam, MakTam & Ainul are always happy and most honoured when gatherings are held at DPP. In fact if possible we want all family gatherings to be held at DPP! But of course since "bibik tiada" - kena tolong basuh pinggan mangkuk aje la..

Azierah Awang..^_^ said...

love the last word about perfection-mohon copy.

JeP said...

Salam Azierah,

Yes please do, no worries.