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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"The one with being kids..."

Believe it or not, I have been extra busy lately. Apart from juggling between the habitual lab experiments, writing, and everything P-h-D related; I also had the most peachy experience of entertaining three wonderful children - Adam, Adi and Irene, the three proud prodigies of Zai & Sheikh.

Being with Zai's family and his kids, gives me an inkling to how life was for my parents when we were growing up. The emotional rollercoasters they had to endure, with every form of fit and outburst three young childish boys could manifest. Being with Zai's family, I've witnessed how much a parent sacrifices to accommodate their kids; all the screaming, crying, bantering, ranting and rage - enough to throw even the most resilient individual maniacal.

But within all that tangible sacrifice; when they all huddle up together in front of the TV over dinner, I also bear witness the joy of a parent's forbearance - the sanctity of love.

In true testament to the usual adage; you will never experience the full-length of God's love, until you experience the love from your children. A child's love for their parents may not come in the forms of uttered words of poetry nor the semantics of sentences, but in their innocence of their most fundamental way of affection - hugs, kisses, and plain presence.

It also stands true that not one of man's sacrifices can compare to those of a parents. All the luxuries they gave up in trade for their children's comfort. All the sleepless nights they've lost to cater to their child's battle with the flu. All the outings with friends they've missed in lieu to watching all those cartoons with their tots. Parents do this effortlessly, without hesitation, and with such inherently selfless instincts.

That is why God decreed us continued allegiance to our parents; passage into His heaven (Syurga) lies as much in the blessings of our parents, as in the accumulation of our virtues. The saying goes as far as to say, that "..the passageway to Heaven, is within the sanctity of your mother's feet.." (Syurga itu di bawah telapak kaki ibu).

Adam, Adi & Irene come with different characteristics critical of their own selves; Adam's the more docile, adjustable eldest of his siblings; while Adi's the rebel, always active child. Irene is the princess of the family; being the youngest she both the cheekiest and exudes the most tantrums among them three. 

These three, in their own way - remind me very much of Andi, Afzal and myself when we were little toddlers. The more time I spend with Adam, Adi and Irene - the more my mind would regress onto my own kinder years; back when my parents were raising three boys who were not exactly your ideal adage of passive-submissive, obediently compliant kids. Yet though I can now comprehend a fraction of the terrors we manifested for my parents - all I remember growing up was that I was raised with all the love and care one  child can hope for.

Though we didn't have the pleasure of iPods, PSPs and Nintendo DSes - we never had a dull moment growing up. Though we never had the prudence of pizzas and steaks daily - mom always prepared us the most wholesome, warm and delicious food on the table; this without fail every day. And though we never donned all the Gucci's, Guess and Gap for kids - mom and dad always made sure we looked our best without feeling deficient amongst our peers. 

Nowadays when I rekindle my old childhood pictures, I even notice my parents in the same clothing for years. As kids we never realize this because our empathy never extends beyond our own needs, but it is eminent that we always treasure theirs (empathy) when we are older.

When we are at the paramount of our lives; always remember that we would never ever be where we are today, without the valor of our parents' sacrifices. When they tire of age one day, may we all be able to be there for them - as they did for us when all we can do as we wet our diapers, is cry.

It's getting very quiet here in 16 Cash Street at the moment, now that these three are back in Malaysia. I'm surely going to miss all their antics and tantrums, loudness and laughter.

My mom says that the memories we would treasure most in our lives are often the juvenile moments during our adolescence. Whenever I look at these three, I would always remember how it once was when I was their age - when my version of the Musketeers were my brothers Andi & Afzal - and me.

There are times when I look at pictures like this, and I wished I could relive all these memories. But that's just God's nature of guiding us through this temporary life. It is throughout our existence, He teaches us - that life is not necessarily measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that takes our breath away.

I thank Him everyday in my prayers, for blessing me with the guidance of two most special parents.



Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

..."my parents in the same clothing for years" true :-D

Some day Jep, you'll do the same thing. Unless, you rank with all the fashionista celebrity parents out there.

Anonymous said...


It's reading entries such as this that makes all the challenges of raising children worthwhile. Being able to live and see how your children grow up to be mature, wise and beautiful adults, just like my Jep! Keep buttering me and papa up!! No, seriously, I am so full to the brim with pride for all my precious children...mama