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Monday, March 28, 2011

"The one hundreth day..."

It may have been just over 100-days since your passing my dear brother, but already your departure has had an impact to so many people and has touched so many lives. You've been an inspiration to us all; in our minds and hearts forever.

"We shall test you through fear, hunger, loss of life, property, and crops. (Muhammad), give glad news to the people who have patience."





::aLoNGarCia:: said...


Anonymous said...

Al-Fatihah....and may Allah give me good health to care for my remaining children/family...Not a day passed without memories of and thoughts for my baby Afzal....mama

Zaza said...

al fatihah..may allah gives the best all after :)
sweet all blue comes :P

funny photos said...

congo for the photo with whole family..

Adila Hassan said...

Been reading your blog & the late Mas Afzal's blog since past 2 years. His face as well as his journey with cancer remind me of my late closest uncle who also died with cancer. They look very similar. so sad but the stories inspired me!