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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"The one with making sacrifices..."

It's hard to overlook the apprehension of sacrifices, when in the sanctity of Aidiladha.

As we reminisce tales of the prophet; an exhibition of his ardent faith and conviction to God - we acquire an innate understanding that life is not without its fair share of trials and tribulations. Within the convolution and intricacies of our problems and fears, decisions are made and judgments are often passed.

Defaulted by our humane characteristics, we sometimes are bound to decree bad decisions and impaired judgments but we always learn from our implications in life. Living is all about making decisions, after all; so says the various authors who would solemnly immortalize the phrase in ink.

My grandfather told me something this Aidilfitri, which to this day left a great deal of comprehension;

"Setiap orang ada pengorbanan dia yang tersendiri. Ini (menuntut ilmu di perantauan) pengorbanan awak, bukan pengorbanan orang lain. Jadi dugaan inilah yang akan paling bermakna buat awak, kerana hanya awak sahaja yang kenal erti pengorbanan ini."

[Everyone has their own sacrifices to make (in life). This (being overseas) is yours; not anothers'. Therefore only you would benefit the most from this experience, for only you understand the true meaning of this sacrifice (that you have chosen).]

Aki was trying to convey a message to me, that though the path may seem tough and bleak ahead, but the journey will be bearable because it is made for me. Others may fare different in convergence of a similar passage, but the experience would be identical to none; but unique of our own.

In life, there are times at which we are put into situations against our favor, and where the very appraisal and notion of options do not inherently exist. When this happens, a choice subtly becomes a sacrifice. When sacrifices are being made, their outcome would not always imbue to our liking, but we confer them not because it is a choice that we want - but it is a choice which is the most appropriate within reason.

When a husband takes the day off to cater to all the wishes of his sick wife - he is making a sacrifice.

When a wife races to prepare dinner on the table even after a long day at work, just so that her husband could have a decent meal - she is making a sacrifice.

When a brother decides to skip going out with his friends, just to keep his brother company at home - he is making a sacrifice.

When a mother makes the choice of quitting her job, in order to care for her four young children - she is making a sacrifice.

When a father decides to decline a promotion which entails him an upheaval in remuneration, so that he can remain close to his family - he is making a sacrifice.

Sacrifices come in small and large packages, in dire and arduous and burdensome ways. Sacrifices are often not beneficial for the individual, but instead for the betterment of another. We make sacrifices not entirely because it makes us happy, but because they make the most sense. For some, sacrifices are a daily agenda but so as long as they understand what their atonement entails, they ordain that true sense of rightfulness and satisfaction.

People who make sacrifices are those who often find treasures in thrashes and joys in tears; these individuals are essentially made unabridged.

That is why it is important to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices of others in our lives. These are the people whom, irrespective of their stature opposes no harm onto us; nobles worthy of recognition. My humble gratitude goes to all these unsung heroes in my life, who have sacrificed much in order for me to be where I am today. It is without your selfless facilitation and furtherance, that I could achieve all that I had - and will be.

May this passing Aidiladha inspire us to make reasoned sacrifices for others, and share the burden of those who deserve them. When we learn to make sacrifices for others than ourselves, we shall reap its rewards in heaps and bounds. All in due time, insyaAllah.



Wa aka Wawek aka Siti ;) said...

"..the journey will be bearable because it is made for me" and to make you a better and stronger person. For me too!! Huhuhu.. All the best, Jep!

HaLiMaTuN SaAdIaH said...

So inspiring and motivating:)

JeP said...

Wa : Thanks wa! All the best for you as well. How're u coping so far?

Halimatun : Thank you very much, I'm glad it helped you in a way.

fahmi chester said...

your post makes me happy bro.

nadiah said...


Salam takziah to your family on the passing of Mas Afzal. May Allah rest his soul in the company of those He described in An Nisa'69.


came across your brother's blog today, it's so amazing... may his soul rest in peace.