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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"The one with having a sense of belonging..."

The kind folks at LIMS had recently held a photo session of the group; comprising of faculty members from a diverse host of 7 departments. A mere fraction of the full population, these are among the people I see everyday in university, when doing research.

It really gives you a sense of how closely-knitted research is, as the lines that separate the many different sciences become decimated by virtue of inter-disciplinary fields. Like everything else in life; the best way to work is with others, and the best way to achieve the greatest in life is by sharing.

Can you spot where I am?

Hint : Squint.



PakTam said...

Salaam Jep,

Its easy to spot you, ... on a MBP 15" of course! Yang dekat ngan mamat pakai topi tu kan?


Anonymous said...


apasal jauh sangat kat belakang. Nasib baik sengeh tu familiar....Fifah kata u r the most handsome of the lot..mama kata dats not fair, he's ur husband!...she said, really ma.....Anyway, its a very nice photo. good to keep for kenang2an.

tak sejuk ke?.....lov mama....

JeP said...

PakTam : Is that an effort to ignite my jealousy? If so, it's working! Have to get a MBP jugak soon la kalau macam ni! :D

Mama : Hehehe of course la I'm the handsomest of the pack hahahaha! It's quite cold these two weeks; winds and hails a norm. Wet winter so far this year, boring. Can't wait to be home for raya.

atifabdullah said...

this is one of the shortest and simplest entry I ever read in here so far...less stupendous words and language..=)
btw,found you jep...

PakTam said...

ooiii.... Balik Raye ye!! Tak aci la macam ni....!

p.s. MBP tu "kes terpaksa" demi kepentingan perkhidmatan swasta yang berkualiti.

JeP said...

PakTam : Hehehe kene la balik; this is the 1st year everyone is available + fifah! :D

Atif : Haha, not sure whether that's a good or bad thing. Sometimes short and simple is a better approach, young padawan...;p