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Monday, November 23, 2009

"The one with an aunt's birthday..."

Many happy (belated!) returns to MakTam who turns (-insert age here-) last week! :D

Cheers to the woman that I've learned to cherish more as a foster parent over the years. Thank you MakTam for all those days living with you and PakTam nestled under your roof, and for always ensuring that my stay throughout was adequately comfortable. Where I am today, and what I've become - was partly yours' due; and I'm forever in debt for all your kindness and empathy throughout those years. Here's wishing you happiness beyond comparison, and triumphant achievements extending all expectations.

If there's one wish I have for you on the day you turn yet a year wiser - is for you to be bestowed with all the charms and blessings of your life, career and family. All the best for your London endeavors, and for you to return home with that Masters degree under your belt.


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