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Thursday, July 23, 2009

"The one with Filey Street's (soon to arrive) new visitors.."

There's a space within my memory that's being occupied by virtue of a place called 42 Filey Street, Sheffield. This place holds many fond and warm thoughts that gets reinforced every time I see this picture. It was here that I spent many, many days catering for chemoboy. Its kitchen had sparked up many delightful cuisines, and its living space has entertained many laughters. The bathroom had played its role well, and that room up in the third-floor attic has kept me warm for many nights in winter. In short, this place has been nice to me.

So I hope it will be even nicer to its next few visitors. One's a regular, while the other three are complete newbies. 42 Filey Street - say hello (again) to mom, along with dad, Andi and Atiqah. Hope they'll harbor pleasant thoughts about you like I did before...:-)

With that said, good luck and do have fun guys! Don't forget to take lotsa pictures! Have a safe (13-hour) journey, and all the best touring Europe. Send my love to chemoboy and lotsa hugs.


P/S : Teringat dulu pergi dengan mama. Masa tu just the both of us, we had a nice journey there. I can only imagine the excitement of going with the others, especially Atiqah - this being her maiden flight out of the country.


Anonymous said...

Salaam bro,

Alhamdulillah, I was reunited with Papa n Co at Heathrow airport around 510pm. We rented a car (Volkswagen Passat 2.0 tu!) from the airport and Andi (initially Papa but he relinquished the driver's seat to Andi after driving for about an hour) took the honour to drive us back to Sheffield. Which reminded me of you and the Chevrolet Avio we rented back in December.

They are all currently asleep, not witnessing much of Sheffield yet as we only arrived here around 1040pm. Insya Allah esok bolehlah bawak jenjalan sat before the big graduation later that afternoon.

Will try and update you on things later insya Allah. As Mama is here at 42 Filey yet again, we are all reminded of the moments when you were here all by yourself, looking after this chemoboy.

Take care bro,


Anonymous said...

Assalamualikum wbth,

I'm back "home"! It does feel like home considering this is my 5th visit, counting those 1st two visits in 2005 when I attended a course at Keel University , Newcastle-under-lyme.

Our flight was full to the brim with 90% Mat Sallehs and it was very bumpy. Atiqah n Andi slept quite a bit, watched quite a lot of movies n played a game or two throughout the journey. We got the 4 middle row seats, so couldnt look out the window. But since its was very cloudy, nothing could be seen anyway. Papa didnt sleep throughout the journey ( he never could on flights), so he went round making friends with people, stewards etc...and in the process managed to sweet talked himself into extra desserts ( mind you, it was 1 stick of Magnum ice cream!)

Atiqah was excited and she was really affected by the surprisingly cold gusts of wind when we stepped out of Heathrow...remember your reactions back in September? It was very cloudy. just rained n the temperature was 22 degrees celcius n the winds were chilly still.

Andi was really taken by the architecture. He loves the "beautiful" rustic, country look of the buildings in UK.

We'll update you further later but, unlike you, I have to remind these 2 to always snap pictures!


p/s : Tunggu Yafai bukak, nak beli santan nak buat nasi lemak pagi ni.

PakTam said...


Lama PakTam tak "enter frame". Been busy running around. MakTam pun sama. Kelam kabut rushing nak siapkan itu ini before the trip.

Ainul will have to end her Quran lessons 31.07.2009 ni coz Ustaz tu kata dia akan take leave for the whole of Ramadhan & since Ainul pun will be leaving, better dia stop at that. But dia kata Ainul cepat belajar mengaji, unlike his other students yang belajar sorang-sorang. Alhamdulillah. Ainul pun tersengih-sengih dengar Ustaz tu puji dia.

Mama kata u r coming back early August 2009. Well, IF U HAVE THE TIME, & IF YOU HAPPEN TO GO TO VICTORIA MARKET before u leave, tolong tengokkan carpet Sheep Skin/Fur yang square tu berapa harga. Kalau tak mahal sangat & kalau Jep boleh punggah (ie: tak bulky sangat), PakTam ingat nak beli. Dari dulu lagi nak beli tapi masa tu duit tak cukup. Its not of utmost priority, so don't worry if tak sempat or anything.

Hari MakDe said most probably Sarah Munirah's wedding will be in June 2010. Nampaknya, I will be missing 2 important family events! That's very not me! Dah la your wedding memang sah-sah tak sempat. Sedih juga PakTam rasanya tapi maybe tak ada rezeki. Anyway, PakTam doakan semoga semuanya berjalan lancar, your wedding & Sarah Munirah's.

OK, gotta leave now.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

I'm sure there's a blessing somewhere for PTam not being able to attend Jep n Sarah's weddings. Mama pun rasa tak lengkap je wedding ni without my beloved brother....But I strongly believe there are other better things in store.

Hari ni last day kat Sheffield..pagi ni nak pegi car boot n maybe fruit picking, then mama nak bawak the geng to meadowhall..naik tram!