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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"The one where two birthdays coincide..."

July has always been that particular month of the year where a lot of candles are blown, and cakes being savored in a fête that are birthdays. The pleasant serendipity of commemorating another years' passing for my two most dear women - brings forth another opportunity for myself to offer them many salutations and congratulations.

Age may appear as just a number, but it is in this cliche that we receive solemn remembrance that life should be lived in its moments and not by years. It is not the years in our life that matters, but instead the life in our years. These two, have (and still will) indeed lived their lives in moments rather than their years.

Happy Birthday Aiysha, Happy Birthday Mom! I wish the both of you nothing less than days full of exuberance and excitement; and a year flanked by jubilant achievements and happy memories in between. May you both always be that shining light bringing life into the lives of others, and may God befall you all the joy and happiness one could ever have.

May the both of you live long, gloriously illustrious lives; and with that I wish only many, many returns for the day you two turn - not a year older, but a year wiser.


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Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

Apasal mama tak pernah tengok gambar ni?..nice photo with my first born pride n joy n yang bestnyer birthday pun dekat2. This year Aiysha dapat "bedroom" as birthday present! Mama pulak share 2 slices of Secret Recipie Birthday cake with Andi malam tu (birthday cake paling sengkek so far, tapi it's very practical...syabas Andi!) n kat office I got a framed signed birthday wish from all my staff...I'm happy. At 51 ( I don't feel 51 though), kalau orang tak ingat birthday pun tak ape so you are not reminded of how long you've lived life....Thanks to all who sent wishes...mama.