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Monday, June 01, 2009

"The one new recruit at camp Ulu Sepri..."

Guess who's got the whole week ahead at the glorious Kem Ulu Sepri attending BTN?

My dearest fifah.

Seems that now all NSF scholars would need to attend BTN, probably an effort of the current government's attempt to instill a heightened sense of patriotism in our researchers. No idea why, or whether they really need it to begin with. Hope everything will go as nice for her as it was for me. Regardless, I'm looking forward to whatever feedback she'll have after this week's ordeal. Fingers crossed! :-)


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Anonymous said...


I enjoyed my BTN course that was ages ago. Hope Fifah comes back in one piece!

By the way, since I cant' comunicate with her through the phone ( I believe phones are not allowed during BTN )I'll have to go through this blog ...I need to pass Pcik's wedding invitation to Fifah, Afzan, Fellie, Azfar n Fadhil..Kalau dapat datang majlis kat Bentong bagus jugak....mama