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Thursday, May 07, 2009

"The one where stories are untold..."

It's been a slow week so far. I'm recovering from a slight case of the coldies (not the swine kind luckily) as is the norm with many of Bundoora's residents nowadays. In spite of the conspicuous sneezing and occasional coughing, I still find myself having the strength and perseverance for my morning walks to LTU so far. Of course, plenty of rest and fluids were made pivotal the last few days in aid of my speedy recovery. My main supervisor Dr. Pigram was nice enough to move our next meeting (which was scheduled to be this week) up to early next week so that I could shake the cold off the remainder of this week. Probably everyone was as much apprehensible as is ostensible to catching any bug and germs, in lieu of the recent flu pandemic widely publicised in the mass media.

I share Barry's perspective on how overexpressed the scare is - saying that the outbreak is only 10% truth, while the subsequent 90% being sheer panic. Barry's an officemate of mine whom in his own words, said that we're all gonna die sooner or later - the only defining factor is how. Somehow, as depressing a truth he told - I'd like to think that life is much more colorful than that.

In a matter of disgressing from more morbid topics, I find that I'm out of touch with rantings and rumbles from Malaysia. Seems that a lot has been going on that I've missed out on. A good share of both wonderful and inspiring things by a lot of people. I'm very happy for all of them.

Well, for one - I've missed out on Ainul's birthday. Ainul has always been very dear to my heart, in a way she's been like my lil' sister apart from Aiysha and Tiqah. Wonder how she's been lately; si budak kenit ni macam-macam perihalnya kadang-kadang I'd wonder why have I put up with a lot of her rantings. Her highness, the princess of very proud parents Paktam and Maktam turns 7 this 2009, and with that I wish her the happiest experience of growing up and the valors that it brings from being a kid. Don't bother growing up too fast Ainul because all of us don't want you to!

I heard from Paktam that she had a blast during her birthday celebration a few weeks back, and everyone was there to share in the fun. Gosh how I miss gatherings such as those.

On other things I've missed - are this year's newborns. Shidi and Linda are now parents of their newborn daughter, whom graced our world just shy of an afternoon last Tuesday. Emylieya had safely given birth to a baby Nu'man, and Firman is now a dashing father to his firstborn. With the coming of a new member into the family, I wish them all an abundance of love and a heightened sense of passion for each other's presence. There's an old saying that newborns bring forth a much larger rezeki insyaAllah, but I'd say with that also comes greater responsibility as well. All the best to you guys.

On occasions of similar excitements, Wahidah (from my UMS years) had got herself hitched to a handsome man in her hometown a few weeks ago as well! Wonderful news for sure, congratulations Ida and I wish you every bit of warmth and happiness of now being a wife and having someone to call your husband from now on. The miss has now become the missus. Of those working on theirs, salutations are also in order to Yamin whom had also been engaged to his now-fiancee last week. All the best bro, welcome to the club and may these times be showered with trust and respect leading up to your indefinite marriage in the near future indeed.

Also, a foreword of celebratory wishes for my dear old schoolmate Fatin who's to wed end of this month. Hey babe I may be far, but I still demand a card from you jugak! Anyways, have a wonderful time come this 30th Fatin. I wish both you and your man all the best and your marriage flanked by happy days always.

And last but not least, two of the most important women in my life. One, I owe my whole life to, while the other I owe my heart. Miss you mom, miss you sweetheart.

(Don't get me wrong Dad, Andi, Afzal, Aiysha and Tiqah - I miss you guys too..:-p)

I've realised that when you stop thinking (and talking) about yourself but instead concentrate on others - you'll feel life to be much more worth living for.

No man's an island, and an island I am certainly not.


P/S : It's Dose-11 for chemoboy next Monday Friday. You're almost there. buddy! The journey may look hard and treacherous, but its end is apparent. A long path you've thread, and know that we'll always be by you in heart and spirit to see it through to the finish line.

We're proud of you bos.


Anonymous said...

My not-looking-forward 11th round is actually next Friday. We had to change it as I have my Finals exam on Tuesday and Thursday. What a way to celebrate finishing the Finals exam huh?

PakTam said...

Assalamu`alaikum wm.

Been a bit busy lately. Re-scheduling all my cases and other matters (which should be undertaken between October 2009 to October 2010) to be completed before Aug 2009. Brought forward most of the cases fixed for trial. Whew! Banyaknya benda kena settle before we leave. Belum cerita pasal visa application lagi...! Nak baca information about HOW to apply pun, menanah..

Hari ni (Friday - 08.05.2009) Ainul ada Kem Solat Pt. 2. Jadi dia balik petang @ 5:00pm. Nampaknya PakTam kena balik awal hari ni untuk jemput dia balik coz MakTam pun tak sempat balik lagi by that time.

Last Wednesday pegi Alamanda. Beli kasut sekolah Ainul coz kasut yang lama tu dah koyak. Sebenarnya bukan koyak betul, just kasut tu worn sikit aje kat tepi. Tapi kesian juga tengok dia pakai kasut macam tu. So, pegi la Bata kat Alamanda beli kasut dia. Sampai kat rumah, Ainul pun excited siapkan kasut baru dia tu nak pakai esoknya. Tak lama lepas tu, Ainul datang bawak kasut dia and tunjuk kat PakTam. Dia tanya mengapa kasut ni dua-dua sama? PakTam tengok, rupa-rupanya budak Bata tu bagi 2 pairs of right shoes! Kelakar pun ada. So, semalam lepas balik pejabat, pegi la tukar balik kasut dia tu. Hari ni dia pakai kasut baru la.

Tadi PakTam baru dapat tentative schedule untuk Aus trip from ISN (Institut Sukan Negara) for purposes of the new Rang Undang-Undang (Bill). Scheduled for 18.05.2009 to 21.05.2009. KUL - Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne - KUL, technical visit to the relevant sports institutes & bodies. Quite a packed schedule according to ISN officials. If things go well, I should be in Melbourne between petang 20.05.2009 (Wed) to petang 21.05.2009 (Thurs) (before flight home). Kalau sempat in between the programmes, I will give you a call, insya Allah.

Hari tu kitorang pegi dinner @ Nando's Alamanda. Guess who did we bump into? Fadzil, your friend yang got married hari tu. Dia pun makan kat situ ngan wife dia & adik dia. Kitorang mula-mula tak perasan. Luckily dia yang tegur.

OK Jep. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

Minggu ni mama balik KK lagi (last week pun balik juga). Hati berat nak balik, so balik la....sepatutnya ada gotong royong kemaskan rumah di Bentung untuk majlis kahwin Pakcik, tapi mama delegate kat Andi je la.
It'll be nice if you can get together with Pak Tam nanti...boleh juga lepas rindu pada family.
I am quite excited in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Sheffield...nak tengok Afzal's development...but it won't be as interesting as the trip we took together last December!..that is the best overseas trip ever..the 3 of us, together..we had so much fun.

p/s: take care of your flu. I'm still recovering from one myself. As u said, lots of fluid n plenty of, mama.

Anonymous said...

do i get anything for d pics?... XD