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Thursday, April 16, 2009

"The one CT scan that says it all..."

Last Monday (or Tuesday maybe) mom delivered one of the best news I could ever receive in months. I was tempted to shout about it here in this space, but instead I'd thought to wait until the man himself shared this with the world.

His last CT scan, performed to mark any progress on his ABVD treatment last 8th April turned out very promising indeed. No abnormal growths or lesions found on all three previously affected areas - the neck, armpit and chest. Similar positive observations were found on the abdomen as well. Last scan made for the diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma was in December 2008.

This was a welcomed treat for chemoboy whom I reckon has been testament to putting up a good fight against his ordeal for the past five months. Yes, he still has about three more doses to put up with - but this stands as a cause for him to finish strong.

I was duly informed that both the nurses and his doctors in Royal Hallamshire were impressed and equally shocked at this development; Alhamdulillah this has been as much a blessing from God Almighty and through the many doa's and prayers from friends and family. Hopefully this'll fuel chemoboy to strive through the next few doses and return home to all of those whom missed him so very much.

As a brother, nothing compels my faith more than the fact that all my prayers are indeed heard; ever more being answered. In times when you feel lost, the Quran asks that we return our all to God - and heed no doubt that He does hear us in our prayers.

In this sense, I am truly lucky and blessed.


P/S : Today's 3rd day Post Dose Nine, hopefully chemoboy's up and about from his last dose. The battle may had been won, but we're looking to win the war now. My doa's and prayers to Afzal's continued recovery, and my humble gratitude to the others that do have him in theirs.

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