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Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The one awesome outing..."

Road. Tarmac. Sky. Cattle. Sheep. Hills. Road. Tarmac. Sky. Cattle. Sheep. Hills.

Multiply that to a power of seven, and you'd have a figure of how the last two days had been. But throw in humongous over-the-top fun, cheerful mates and roadies, astonishing serene views and a profound respect for mother nature; and you'd have a summary of the true awesomeness of a road trip more appropriately known as - Romancing Philip Island's Penguins and Touring the Great Ocean Road.

Thanks guys. Here's to a wonderful (yet tiring!) Easter weekend!


p/s : Of course, updates next post (as I struggle to recover my knees and limbs).


PakTam said...

Assalamu`alaikum wm.

Always fun to check out your blog, with photos and stuff. Its good explore the place, while you are there and get well acquainted. At least, you'd serve as a good guide when Fifah joins you or when kome from Malaysia comes from a visit.

PakTam teringat masa last visit to Melbourne. Masa last day, pegi round the Great Ocean Road. Nice scenery, ada nampak Koala bergayut bagai. Tapi jalan macam jalan lama dari Bentong ke Ulu Gali. Ramai le dalam group PakTam tu yang pening & muntah-muntah. Kesian diorang sebab tak dapat enjoy the scenery. PakTam cool aje la, siap boleh makan-makan lagi during the journey. Diorang pun heran. If only they know that back home I had endured such journeys for the best part of my life!

I went for the Sepang F1, together with PakCik and Uncle Tajul (my partner), tickets courtesy of MakTam & Auntie Papoose of DCA. This time the race was not so good coz tak sempat habis. Sekali hujan daa...

Last week Ainul had to stay with Atuk ngan Opah dia. Maktam kena pegi kursus BTN kat Kem Ulu Seperi, Rembau, NS & I had to attend a meeting with KBS guys at Melaka. Kesian dia. Thursday (09.04.2009) morning tu, PakTam hantar Maktam dulu ke Ulu Seperi. Nice place but as its name suggests, jin pun tak nak bertendang kat sana. After that, balik rumah (its a one hour journey) and later jemput Ainul balik sekolah dulu. After Cabinet announcement by PM, baru bertolak ke Melaka (my meeting starts at 8:30pm anyway).

Ada la KBS plan nak pegi Aus untuk buat visit pertaining to the preparation of the new Bill. But tak tau lagi which part of Aus. PakTam malas sangat nak pegi coz kena buat kerja, penat. Kalau pegi berjalan aje, tak apa la. Anyway, tengok la macamana it turns out. Kalau jadi, will let u know.

Saturday (11.04.2009) petang I am back at home. Sunday tu patutnya Ainul's riding day tapi kena cancel coz riding instructor dia kena take over student lain. Apa lagi, merajuk la dia. Dia kata dia tak nak naik horsie dah..

So, Sunday tu Paktam bawak la dia pegi mandi laut & main layang-layang kat PD. Happy la sikit.. kurang la sikit merajuknya.. Kalau tak, semua orang dia tak nak kawan!

Got good news about Afzal from Mama semalam (14.04.2009). The lumps had disappeared! Sebak PakTam dengar berita tu, with huge relief. Alhamdulillah, syukur. We hope for the best and for Afzal's full recovery. Alhamdulillah, Afzal has been strong.

OK, Jep. Take good care of yourself. Echoing Mama, bundle-up mate.

JeP said...

Sounds like you're having quite a busy schedule ahead la Paktam! Very nice to hear about what's happening back home. I'm also happy that Maktam enjoyed her BTN, because Ulu Sepri was kind enough to me last time as well. Agree on you of it being very ulu-ulu, testament to its name.

Heard about the Sepang GP as well, teringin nk tgk how good Team Brawn ni. Two straight debut wins so far. Pity for the heavy rain though.

I'm putting up a post on Great Ocean next week, maybe Paktam'll will see some similar spots. Very serene, but yes the roads are undeniably mcm Bentong-Ulu Gali. Turns out on the same day we went there, a Msian student died from a car accident near Apollo Bay. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened to us and we had a nice time.

If you do end up coming here, inform je la. Blh jumpa n bring you around d city!

Send my love and hugs to Ainul, ooooo dh kaki merajuk ek skrg! I'll get her something from Down Under when I come back. Rindu kat Ainul.

Melb's been having quite chilly days now, so I've bundled up a bit la. Probably as it gets colder I'll trade my morning walks with the tram la kot! :)