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Friday, February 13, 2009

"The one that loves Klang Hospital so much, he came for seconds..."

As if a plague, 2009 has yet unveiled through its curtains yet another outbreak of dengue cases in blessed Malaysia. This time the one that succumbed would be ashraff@abg, who has since Tuesday been warded in Klang Hospital. A series of high fevers and complains of joint pains was finally concluded with the diagnosis of dengue - which led to his second admittance into the hospital well-known to be so packed, some has dared labeling it a hospital for sardines. His last visit ended with him having an intestine shorter than the man next door, pun intended.

Due to my schedule I wasn't able to pay a visit but I was informed that he's doing well, so we wish him a speedy recovery soon insyaAllah. Today PakDe and MakDe's coming over to KL for a visit, and hopefully he would be up and running in no time.

Panjang jodoh ko dengan Hospital Klang yek abg.

Speaking of schedules, my mind's racing to the thought that I have only two weeks left to pack! This week kicked off to a productive start; I've confirmed my itinery with the Registrar and now I'm confirmed a seat in MH149 bound for Tullamarine, Melbourne on 28th Feb 2009. I have also sent in my hard-bound thesis to both UPM and KPT, and with a sigh I was relieved off all my obligations. I am finally a graduated Masters scholar, due for my convocation later this year. That is, if I'll be attending at all considering my locality would be Down Under then.

I'm frantic about next week; in anticipation of KPT's cheque for my PhD establishment allowances. Heard that it'll reach five-figures, but then again after conversion I'll be drawn to smaller denominations. For once I'll be shopping on tax-payers' money, and blessed a taste of how our diamond-rich cabinet ministers feel every day.

Oh, and I've secured an apartment in Bundoora, yeay!! Thanks to my soon-to-be-housemate Hazimin and through the enormous help from Fendi, I'll be residing in a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment 10 minutes walk from La Trobe campus called University Mews.

Rent's a bit on the high side - AUD170 per week but as you calculate savings made on transportation and furniture-wise the cost pretty much covers it all up. Not to mention it'll mean shorter routes and time to work everyday, plus its adjacent to Bundoora Shopping Centre, and trams/buses stops in front of the premise. Considering the fact that I could only save about AUD20-30 per week by renting at other localities that would mean such a hassle to commute daily and that's a trade-off I'd very much like to deter from. It was very nice of Hazimin to forward the AUD500 booking fee for my room, though. Must remember to belanja the two of them makan when I touchdown there.

University Mews had contacted me earlier to arrange for my complimentary pickup at the airport upon my arrival. I'm liking the place already.

Among the things that would worry me was the extreme heat experienced in Victoria the last few days. With all the bush-fires, be it an act by nature or arsonists - 43 degrees thermometric scale is much too inhumanly hot to handle. However, Hazimin told me a few days back that temperatures are returning to normal (yesterday was 18 degrees) so I'm glad that Summer's right at its end and soon leaves shall fall as Autumn shares its breezes when I arrive. Mom has been pestering me to start packing; her worry is that I won't have enough time for that if I put if off any longer. I beg to differ, but shall start anyways considering that a mother's say is truth in God's eyes. I hate packing, period. Ironically it always reminds me that I'm leaving things behind, especially people behind. My family. Friends. But most especially her;

I am going to miss her so much when I leave come end February. So much.


p/s : Stay tuned for an official announcement on this space, coming your way soon. Some might've even received theirs...;p


Anasfadilah said...

ye saya sudah dapat...hehehe

thanks jep

Anonymous said...

Believe me, a mother's instinct is usually right...if you don't start packing from now, you are bound to leave important things behind and I will end up having to post them to you!

So..get cracking n pack!...mama

Mokrish said...

Aunty...saya setuju sangat dengan aunty...Jeff is being him!!!

JeP said...

ye la, ye la.

i start packing then...:p

wa said...

Jep!!!All the best! Enjoy your last few weeks or might i say days in mesia..wish i had more time before i went then.. :( huhuhu...