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Monday, January 05, 2009

"The one night before Dose Two..."

Tomorrow shall be a nerve-wrecking day for everyone. As most of the faculties in Sheffield commence work day, it'll be Chemo Dose Two for Afzal.

InsyaAllah, we'll break for Sheffield Hospital by 9am. Pray that everything shall be as smooth, and okay.



Fellie said...

Jeff, it broke me to tears to know abt ur brother. Its never easy to fight it emotionally. Ive been there and i knw exactly how it feels. none can comprehend the situation till ure actually in it. I wish you all well, especially your brother. Though maybe he doesnt remember me but send my heartfelt love and care for him. Don't give up okay. Stay strong and I will be praying for afzal and your family as well.

azie said...

Assalammualaikum Jep, How are you and Afzal? Hope it's not too late to wish both of you Happy New Year 2009. Both Makcik and Pakcik will pray for Afzal. Please send our regards to him. Hope everything will go well for him and also for you. He is very lucky to have a loving brother like you. Isn't it nice if Pakcik have the chance to study there, so that we can go and visit both of you there. Anyway please take care and we will always pray for Afzal and you.