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Thursday, January 15, 2009

"The one going for his exam..."

In exactly 10 hours, he shall be going for the first of two last written exams. Those five illustrious years, working and studying like crazy would come down to the next two days. I believe he is prepared, much to his own opinion. Well, one would always expect the worse of things. InsyaAllah, hopefully he'll pull through this one with flying colors.

He IS the most intelligent among the three of us Mas-es. If someone worked hard to get where he has gone today, it'd definitely wouldn't be me. Against all odds, chemo and others. He truly deserves only good things ahead of him.

Wish him luck people! It's the BIG one tomorrow.

Oh, yes - this picture was taken without him knowing, explaining why I only got his back in frame. They don't call it 'doing it behind your back', for no reason you know.



Anonymous said...

Cett.. ni kena saman ni. kalah paparazi.

Anonymous said...

sure terharu betul empunya diri bile baca post ni..=) sebab saya pun terharu..

p/s: u do have a good bro, afzal! (pelik plak bile sebut afzal..=p)

Mokrish said...

my best wishes to afzal...

jeff = nice...hmmm no way hahaha...

Anonymous said...

go afzal go!
you can do it!