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Thursday, December 18, 2008

"The one with the picnic, the departure and (preparing to) getting married..."

Say hello to the latest addition to Wan Ipoh's already growing list of cicits. This is Pak Uda's grandson and Anas's first newborn - Aiman. Cute, ain't he not? Pak Uda and family was paid us a visit recently and we had the opportunity to warm up to cuddly Aiman, which was both undeniably cute and bubbly. He had the cutest smile.

This might be my last post on Malaysian soil.

Yes people, I am leaving. Leaving for the land of the brittons. Although on a temporary basis, I'm looking forward to this visit. Looking for a 9pm departure from KLIA, hopeful for a dawn touchdown on the chilly grounds of London. And definitely looking forward to seeing a familiar face we've long to see.

For those who wish to indulge on the details - it is not mine to divulge, but feel free to visit Afzal's newly created blog for a few hints.

My labmates, being the sweethearts that they always are, decided to hold a spontaneous picnic near UPM's infamous Bukit Expo. With ample supplies of Domino Pizzas courtesy of Kak Yatie, and a cake by Faiza the picnic gathering was small and simple. It is always these minute gatherings that heeds to remind you of how delicate life is; time flies by so fast that you need to cherish moments in the present, look forward to the future and let go of the past. These are the people that have been there pillaring me from thick to thin, and I owe some part of what I have achived now - to them. I'm definitely going to miss them, come Mac.

Being all seasoned camwhores we helped ourselves to a few pictures there.

I've been very busy the past two weeks -and yesterday culminated the succession of my final preparation to leave for Australia in Mac. I've done everything, from med checkups to completing all the documents and even running up and down UPM's Registrar. After yesterday, I need only prepare myself to leave. The scenario of me being so busy comes after the urge that everything needed to be settled prior my departure to UK today, as my flight back would only be on January's end. Which only gives me three weeks before I leave for Aussie, for good.

Last weekend my dearest Fifah and I also took the opportunity to attend JAKIM's last Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan this year. Thanks to Fadil who constantly reminded me to register this year, as we were told that next year the format shall be totally different. The two-day event was undeniably filled with much boredom, but some gave reminder of the lives we choose to tread as well as inculcate newfound knowledge on what it takes to be a married couple. Definitely nothing as simple as a one-sentence lafaz, of course. Both me and my dearest came home Sunday with new spirits, and a blinding realisation - that we're ready to get hitched and although there's much else left to be done, this is what both of us aspire to do. We've been courting for more than 6-years now, and this has naturally been something definite that we had in mind ever since from day one.

So people, be sure to look out for our invitations next year.

I'm looking forward to a challenging month ahead. Being in UK strictly not for the core of leisure, it'll be tough catching up with the ice-cold weather and the atmosphere. Some part of me cowers for fear that I just won't be strong enough, but a huge part of myself tells me that if I have the will, there is nothing I can't do or achieve. I've had a very strong support from family and close friends; thank you guys for your motivation, advice and support. You've definitely helped a lot.

Anyways, in anticipation to leaving for KLIA early later - I've yet to pack and still having a few things left to do in UPM. I have not a list as to what to bring, so I'll just travel light and get the essential clothing there. Fadil and my dearest has been kind enough to supply me with ample winter clothing that might last me before that. So wish me luck people, and much doa's for the best of everything.



Anasfadilah said...

semoga selamat semuanye jep

our prayer are always with u


Andi said...

Typical.... mesti packing lambat... oh well...

Pengir@n Kudos said...

selamat dtg pergi dan selamat kembali...any prob... just buzz me..

Mokrish said...

Despite being in a hurry and short of still have time to blog...hisshhhhh...

Anonymous said...

i'll be missing you so much sayang.

praying for a safe trip for you and your mum, afzal's health and for time to fly by.


Nik said...

Jep, how r u now? Already in Sheffield? Will join you soon!