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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"The one with a long 4-days..."

Suffice to say, many matters have transcribed in the last 4 days. As a matter of speaking, it has become somewhat of a dodgy prescription of emotions; spawning many smiles and laughters, and as much worries as well as despair. It quickly beckons that reaching the end of yet another year, the new one opens preceeded by dark curtains. I do not wish to disclose any details pertaining to this, but for sure it is going to be a tough year ahead for everyone in the family.

Happy Aidiladha everyone! It's been a long weekend I'm sure for most of us, with a huge legion of people taking an extra day or two off work this week to coincide with the coming few holidays. December has always been one of the most lazy and unproductive months of a year. I still thought it was a public holiday yesterday when I clocked in to work, and judging from the scenario today I'm guessing a majority are still amassed away from the city at the moment. Especially for those working in Selangor - tommorow's another holiday to celebrate being off the desks and office. It won't even be a full two weeks that we'll be off for another two holidays - Christmas and Awal Muharram. Gosh you've gotta love Malaysia.

That blissful, cold morning of aidiladha we took the opportunity to visit Pak Ndak and his family at UM. It's been quite a while since my last visit, and considering Fariza just gave birth to his first grandson a month ago I thought that justifies as a good enough excuse to drop by. Plus, it just so happens that he's having his Majlis Bercukur that morning.

Fariza's firstborn son is nothing short of a wonder; chubby, cuddly, bubbly and just extremely the cutest thing ever. Mom and Dad just couldn't get enough of him. At one point I even dismissed their gestures as cue for myself and Fifah. But then, I guess they just love kids. And the last kid they cuddled up is now all grown up, and that was thirteen years ago. Mak Ndak served the best northern feast ever; complete with the authentic briyani, ayam madu and all. Of course I had no problem stuffing myself, but my desire was cut short upon the realisation that we needed to set forth for Temerloh shortly after. An hour later, we found ourselves greeting our goodbyes as we left for Karak Highway.

We have been planning an aidiladha in Temerloh for a long time, and looks like this year around we finally got to it. The journey, although far was filled with excitement as the weather was both wet and cold. Throughout we were flanked by an abundance of misty atmospheres, reminds us of old day Genting and Cameron. It feels like winter in the this part of the equator, for once.

I wish to disgress more on what transpired the last few days but I'm amiss of the words sufficient to embody such an experience. Many more left things to say. More on my next post.

Adjourned to Part II.


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azfar said...

Apa sudah jadi ni....?? misterius sungguh...