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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"The one with the hate post..."

This morning I was rather more productive than usual. 

Hmm, for a personal ego boost of the day - let's recap what I have done so far;

1. Confirm tutorship contract renewal with Registrar. Check.
2. Confirm and fax registration form for marriage course in JAKIM for both my dearest and myself. Check.
3. Send email to Prof. Dunstan, Dr. Crispin and Melbourne Uni to reject PhD offer. Check.
4. Finish, and send in proof corrections to the Journal of Nanotechnology. Check.
5. Scan, and email Dr. Peele thesis review from Examination Chairman. Check.
6. Ask registrar for new financial afidavit to La Trobe University. Check.
7. Update SLAB letter with MOHE. Ackk. Uncheck that.

That's 6/7 chores done. Apart from the usual nag I'd give the staff in MOHE regarding my already anciently overdue SLAB letter - I'd say everything's going swell at the moment. Thriving, if I may say so advently. Based on past experiences and testimonials by both my colleagues and close friends, I am in no way shocked at the dilemma I'm stuck with. It has since become such a cliche that MOHE would undeniably be that hindering factor between you and wherever it is that you're going to, when it comes to pursuing your studies overseas. I just hope that their letter would reach me in time before the year ends - I'll have to do a lot of things pertaining to leaving as soon as their letter is issued; medical check-up, visa application, liaisions, etc. Like what Mok told me earlier this year : "Everything will pass by so fast once you get your scholarship settled.".

I'm not acting hyperchondriac over their inefficiency, really. The past has that firmly embedded by nature. But I'm just flabbergasted by how slow they work. Come on, this isn't the first time such a situation has occured. It seems that nothing is done to rectify the problem. Nibbing it in the butt. It's been three weeks since I first related this issue to the authorities in their department but nothing seems to have been done until today. Without even mentioning the fact that my application had already received the green light last October. It's fast becoming so enticingly an enigma why, or how they managed to become this inefficient. I'm amazed, but in a not-so-positive way.

If you can explain this phenomenon (or rather sickness) that is the Malaysian Governmental Agency Syndrome, please enlighten me.



wa said...

I can't really explain the MGA Syndrome, but hey, bile you guys plan nak kawen ek??hehehe...sibok plak wa ni ek??!!!

Pearl said...

mmm, marriage course is the one that caught my eyes;-) when is the big day??;-)

JeP said...

Hahaha...lain kena post, lain dapat attention.

Apart from the MGA syndrome, I can't really give you a date for our big day. What I can tell you is that it'll definitely be in the final quarter of next year.

Both Fifah and I haven't gone through the details but we'll announce a date before I leave definitely.

Stay tuned guys! :)

Mokrish said...

if i am there...i'll be the one nagging you to do the check list and will be asking you every now and then...gosh...i'm not there anymore huhuhu... MGA syndrome will still be there unless people like us leads the nation...hehehe...

one thing for sure...i won't be able to attend your wedding as we have discussed earlier...huhuhu...