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Monday, November 24, 2008

"The one with the podium that almost was..."

Hectic weekend, as usual! This time around, it was both thrilling and exciting at the same time. My dearest and I received Nik's invitation to attend his side of their wedding - hosted exclusively at Putrajaya's Lake Club last Saturday. Such an enticing offer made us rather hesitant on declining, so off we were on another wedding. This time around however, Shan requested us to be among her entourage so we were honored to be given such treatment. Dressed for the occasion, we opted to match outfits among ourselves (clad in blue) rather than the blissfull newlyweds who were matched in a gold ensemble. A strategy that worked to our favor, as there were also a fraction of her entourage which were also in blue that day.

My dearest and I've been to the Lake Club before, but never for weddings such as these. Wonderful setting, minus the striking hot weather. But definitely provided such a pleasant overview of the Putrajaya Lake and the PM's office. Food was okay, as we didn't find any problems stuffing ourselves with food.

We were also joined by Azfar and Hanum, as well as a few labmates of Fifah and Shan. All in all, it was definitely a merry occasion nevertheless. Thanks for the invite Nik and Shan, and we wish you newlyweds again; Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Sunday was undeniably a new experience. Thanks to my peeps in, I was provided six grandstand tickets to the A1 GP Malaysia which culminated to a grand audience in Sepang. The problem was figuring out who'd hop into the ticket list together with me and Fifah. Quickly made a few calls and sent a few smses out. 

Andi, check. PakTam, busy. PakTeh, busy. PakCik, busy. Fadil, busy. Azfar, busy. Dr. Kudos, check!

Somehow everyone was booked for the day. Lucky for me, Andi was on for the event and Kudos even invited a friend to join in as well. So there we were, my dearest Fifah, Andi and I, en route on a Sunday morning to the Sepang International Circuit for raceday.

I was anticipating a productive leg this time around, as Malaysia started the GP with flying colors the last leg. With that in mind, I anxiously wanted to catch the 11am Sprint race as I was hoping that Fairuz Fauzy can give Malaysia their 1st sprint trophy this year. Alas, due to some unforeseen circumstances we were held at the gate. Apparently our party was incomplete due to the absence of Kudos and Khalil who were still on their way. At 11am. I wanted to strangle him silly for making me miss that but Fifah calmed me to my senses that it's just a race. Of course, I did vent out (a bit la!) on Kudos but all was well. He took it like a man so no harm done. Malaysia finished 14th anyways.

Sorry Kudos for bending your ear buddy! But you still owe me lunch...:)

Oh, did I mention that we secured awesome seats at the stands? Exactly facing the podium and strategically situated upstream of the finish line. Front row, top stand. Simply fabulous.

Anyways, the feature race wasn't until 3pm so to burn time there were a few feeder race events that were ongoing prior. What seemed like an eternity to wait for, actually passed by quite fast. Eardrums had their share of torment as everyone was treated to a high dose of screeching engine sounds. At a glance it was a if everyone was performing the azan at the same time. Half an hour before the race the crowd was endowed with the introduction of drivers, and everyone was on their feet cheering as Fairuz waved the Jalur Gemilang in front out thousands of his fans. All of which were hoping for a maiden victory at our home ground.

The atmosphere was phenomenal. I've been to an F1 race before in Sepang, but the feeling is different that day. It's one thing cheering for a team - but that cheer becomes definitely personal when it's for a nation you call your own. It's one thing wooing for Ferrari or McLaren; but another for your country Malaysia. There we were, off our seats most of the time cheering for Fairuz every time his race car rockets past us through each lap. The feeling gets multiplied together with the amount of people sharing your voice recalling Malaysia Boleh and Go Malaysia. 

Of course, hoping doesn't necessarily coincide with the naked truth. You don't need me to tell you guys that Malaysia finished 10th the the end of the race. But what inspired me was the fighting spirit of our young Fairuz. Yes, he may have that pit-stop blunder under his belt but that'll quickly be rectified with experience. It amazes me how professional he presents himself with the audience; even taking the time to acknowledge the crowd shortly after the race. As we waved us from the paddock, I felt as if he was telling us;

"Sorry guys, we may not have it coming today. But there's always another day and that day is numbered. I shall bring Malaysia her title next year..."

All in all, it was undeniably an enjoyable experience. I think everyone had a blast as well. It's wonderful that a country such as ours can afford to have these sort of events hosted, and pioneer the development of race sports among the youngsters and fans alike. As Andi would say it, what Malaysia needs is not another sport but a hero that can make a current sport stand by itself. From the mere judgement I made this time around, Fairuz definitely has the potential of doing so as far as motoring goes.

The hour journey out of Sepang gave us a spectacle of avid fans who were dissapointed we did not win, but we did not let it go without a valiant fight. 

The only bad turn of the day was the fact that Fifah lost her handphone. Kudos says everything happens for a reason, and according to him - rezeki mungkin kat tempat lain. I agree.

Last night as I tucked myself to sleep, I wondered. I'm blessed with the opportunity to share a lot of things with friends and family who're happy with who I am. But, I am especially, and exceptionally lucky to have somebody wonderful to share things with.

I have her, to share all of it with. She's always been my No. 1 supporter in everything I do, bringing me from a bad day to wonderful days, from day one.

For this I thank you dearest, and I am eternally grateful to God Almighty for your presence.

- JeP


Anasfadilah said...

eh apasal aku tengok andi tu macam makin gemuk..

dulu macam hensem...dululah..


jgn marah aaaa.

Mas Affendi said...

oits...sedap aje cakap aku da gemuk... tapi memang betul pun...-sigh-
takpe...working on it...

Pengir@n Kudos said...

Thanks Loci.. huhhuhuhu... basah dah ni kena sembur.... nak gambar...

Mokrish said...

typical Awang coming late...fashionably late-NOT!!!

That Fauzi fella is someone to be proud of...saw his name in the headlines in one of the dutch dailies a couple of months ago...did took a pic of that column, so bangga ok.

The fact that some orang eropah contohnya dari negara-negara bekas jajahan komunis Rusia seperti Poland...tidak tahu yang Malaysia sudah maju dan ada FI...bodoh sombong sungguh. Nak jadi host Euro 2012 pun bikin drama macam xmampu nak jadi host...

Anonymous said...

sayang, i love you!!

hee, sorry mencapap plak at ur blog.. ;P

chuckiesd said...

gambar cun ni...ambaik pakai dslr ker?

JeP said...

::erni:: hehehe ko jgn, dia tgh berusaha kuruskan bdn tu!

::kudos:: no prob beb, aku dh letak kat fb aku. checkla.

::Fifah:: i love u too sayang!

::chuckiesd:: xdela dslr, pakai kamera lumix biase je. tu pn ehsan fifah. lighting je best, plus edit sket2 je.

Chen Chow said...

Great to hear that you enjoy the race for A1GP. It is our pleasure from to share with you and your friends the free tickets!

Wa said...

Selingan jap...huhuhu... Peeps, how to contact Prof. Datin eh nowadays? New no.? She’s still in UPM ke tak? I thought I wanna meet her up next month lorrr… Tenkiu!!