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Monday, October 13, 2008

"The one with the post-raya weekend..."

Phew! I enjoyed the last weekend very much, thanks to a number of events that took place. As with the atmosphere of giving this Syawal has conveyed, both my dearest Fifah and myself was honored with the invitation from Prof. Kathy, Prof. Raha and Dr. Wan to their respective open houses. Of course, such an opportunity to indulge in the traditional delicacies that shape hari raya itself was eminently hard to resist.

So, what else left to do but garner our biggest (and therefore most flexible) outfits and head on to stuff our stomachs with food la!

I've been to open houses before, but never had I even tried multiples at one go. Somehow, this raya I felt the urge to. Something about that sense of being free and merry got me going. Or, it might just be the fact that I'm fresh from my viva - that I felt like celebrating. But anyways, thank you so much to everyone who've graced us both last weekend at their houses. We were greeted with much warmth, shared a few laughs here and here - and God knows how much we've ate. It's been a pretty great raya so far this year. Tiring, but fun.

But anyways, that's also not what I've been busy over the weekend for.

Yesterday celebrated the culmination of Fadil and Nad's engagement. Yes, you heard it right people. Our dear Fadil has indeed decided to end his casanova days and settle down. At least one feet down, that is. It was a small, but merry affair. A simple, but meaningful celebration. In their eyes, yesterday was a grand day for them; the start of a new phase in their lives. Fadil was undeniably nervous, but who doesn't on the day you ask you dear's family for courtship? I definitely did. And he surely was. Fifah thought it was cute.

I can't find anyone fit enough to complement such a diversified character as Fadil than Nad. So both Fifah and I wish him all the best, and for many more happier days to accompany them towards the moment they'll be husband and wife, insyaAllah. Welcome to the club of fiancees, my friend.


p/s : So, looks like Azfar's the only one left out of our three-some lot. I wonder when would be his turn?


Anasfadilah said...

amboi azfar...cantik handbag ko...hahaha!

azfar said...

hahahaha bergaya kan aku?