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Thursday, September 04, 2008

"The one with the grand wedding..."

Just thought I'd share another wedding we've been to - Zetty's wedding in Sheraton Imperial KL. One of those grandeur nuptials, all the details impressively planned by the bride herself. To top that, she penned everything into plan thousands of miles from the UK.

Congratulations again Zet! May this blessed union of yourself and Mr. Hefni be showered with all the happiness and joy that is marriage life. May the both of you grow better as a couple, and that many more great things come your way.


Thanks for the invite Zet, and for being kind enough to provide us with the best seats in the hall. There was definitely that glow of happiness in you that night, and you looked gorgeous babe. Both my dearest Fifah and I had a nice time, and we definitely felt all the love from the crowd, people who love you and hope only the best for you.

What really touched us was the fact that her PhD. supervisor from Cambridge came all the way from UK to attend her wedding as well. Not only that, he even graced the guests with two songs! Now that really shows how differently academicians are here and there. I wonder whether we'd have ours here do the same.

I know I wouldn't. Unless I'm punch-drunk la. I wonder if I'd even sing at my own wedding?



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Mokrish said...

gosh...u sooo have to save damn a lot alot a lot of money from now on...