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Sunday, August 17, 2008

" The one with the food gathering..."

It just so happens that every now and then, we'll be having a food feast in ITMA. This time around, we were graced by the presence of Mok and Dr. Asmah. As usual, getting everyone to contribute some sorta ration was not difficult. If anything, everyone was readily in a 'giving' mode.
Guess what I'm in charge of - kuih batik. Burnt the midnight oil to prepare them; but nevertheless, its safe to say that everyone enjoyed it.
These people just HAD to take pictures at my cubicle. (L-R : Me, Kak Yatie, Faiza, Ikin, Zahiri).

The ever so humble Prof. Abas, from Iraq. The fact that we knew he was a full-professor in chemistry after almost a month here, it was nice of him to join in the festivities as well. Both Mok and I had a very heartwarming chat with him, depicting the times of war he experienced during the USA occupation. Those were very sad and dark times for his country, indeed. There're still recuperating from the effects of the war.

The whole flock of ITMA's Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology team; minus our head-honcho Prof. Zobir - who had to attend to matters which took higher precedence.

All in all, it was a fun event as usual. Everyone was merry and very sporting, which makes it an ease to mix around. Although things are rapidly changing, it's good to see that some things remain the same.


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mokrish said...

lain hulu lain parang, lain dahulu lain sekarang...