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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"The one with money...."

I've realized that it has been a while since I last shared my thoughts on this blog. Truth be told; my mind's currently playing catch-up with its head, metaphorically speaking that is. We're at July's end, and needless to say it'll be quite a hectic August that lay ahead. There's MSBMB and NNLOP in the calendar, and not to mention the upcoming inaugurals' this Friday. All that would need my utmost attention.

"Cash rules everything around me."

Penned by Mr. Wycleaf himself, he depicts the immaculate irony that's so substantially essential to our lives, however to be the very epiphany that reforms the anti-thesis which is life itself. Basically, our predisposition to money renders a sunder between us and a piece of paper, prevalently been in as many hands as numerics would allow. To put it into perspective - money is actually the dirtiest object on the planet, that everyone seems to want a piece of - and yes, I do mean this in the literal as well as literary sense of things.

Have we let money objectify our notions that verifies us, as evolved beings?

Seems to be the case.

Chedet made a case for the global oil prices to be speculation-driven, as much as it is industrial-driven. He went into explaining the adversities of oil-laundering and holding, much similar to the forces of corruption witnessed during the 1997 recession (only then it was currency). This explains just how influential money can be in the hands of men. To put it in middle-earth terms; it's the modern-day One Ring. Our possession over money heralds our state of mind; be it a small trove or a massive treasure collection of biblical proportions - we are undoubtly rendered a slave, forever controlled by its atrocious attraction. A genetics professor of mine a few years back reminisce the whole nature of things to be drawn down to one dire intention of men, and its evolution - sex. According to him, all that we do - be it getting the best job, highest gross of money, biggest house, practically all the six C's; are meant for our lustful desire to procreate. Alas, I guess his claims now would remain obsolete in this post-modern era, judged by the looks of how anxious we are for money these days.

I wouldn't point fingers - with the increase in everything these days, who wouldn't need money?

The fact is, money itself launders a whole country's politics, and it serves as a fine conjugate between anarchy and diplomacy, if there would exist such a term nowadays. It provides social security, an undying precarious, moronic thought that you could buy both people and power with. I guess that we indulge ourselves too much into the thought of finding so much money that we forget why we do - resulting in us forgetting the very essence that defies the bounds of surreal morality and rightfullness, overzealous by our intent fear of insufficiency. Gone are the days when all we needed was a roof over our heads and enough substance to get us and our family through the month. We now look for solace and salvation in malls, substituting activities like soccer and kite-flying with notorious purchases of game consoles and gadgetery.

I'm in no way condemning such acts, but random acts suffices the case -rather than unanimous intentions catalclysmic upon relevance, now that worries me.

I guess where I'm getting at here - is to remind myself, and all of us to always not lose track of who we are. And who we're becoming. I've seen too many shares of people who change profusely because of money. Become too engrossed in their conquest that knows no end. And along their paths, the consequences are vividly visible to the people vindicatively vultured.

As I'd always advise them - go as far as yourself allows you too, but don't lose track of how you came to be. You are the instructor for your own happiness, so don't succumb onto material that can never suffice to please oneself.

Basically, don't worry to much on money, and don't let it govern your life.


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