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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"The one with making the most out of silence..."

I'd like to share a comic-strip that most of us students can relate to; funny that it's almost ironic.
Happens to the very best of us, that's certainly for sure. As I'd always tell the newbies picking up after me - just dust yourself up and move on.

Lately, I've been seeing more and more politicians making a huge a*se of themselves on the media. About this-lah, that-lah, him-lah, her-lah. Most of the time they sound immensely like an enormous load of hypocritical crap. The past few weeks I've observed both a keen share of sore-losers, as I've noticed a few power-looters. Mom seems to second my views on this. You know, at these times it's probably a good idea to make due for some political retreat. Judging by how things are going, we Malaysians are more broken up rather than united. And that scares me. A lot.

Experience has (somehow) thought me that, there are times where silence certainly proves golden. Certain issues call for different wars, and even then we should pick our own battles. Fifah and I've always talked about putting our efforts on this, and so far it has helped spare us from a lot of agony. I guess it's the same for most relationships. There's a word for it, lemme see.....

SACRIFICE. Yeah, that's the word I was scrambling my head for.

Being silent doesn't mean we don't have something to say, nor that we've conceded our ideas. It merely defines our extended maturity; of not making a bigger mess of an already messed-up situation. In the heat of anger and hatred, we should always take a brief moment to detach ourselves; anything spilled at the heat of a scenario often leads to unwilling mutters, most of the case we don't mean to say. Believe me, I'm still learning from this. For some far-better equipped minds, being silent about something only means detaching from the case itself; and not the whole person. This, is a trait I'd very much like to muster. Detaching, and reattaching. All of us would need to, once in a while. That's just how life is, it packs a few punches and we either dodge or take it head on. So, sometimes it gives you a sucker punch; does that mean we take it harder, or just dodge it faster?

I've reasoned myself to always look forward to the future, not over-thinking the past but learn the most out of it. Life's just too short to start dwelling into the past. What matters is here, and now. And what we make of it. What's already gone, has passed. And never shall it return but leave with something to (either) makes us stronger, or weaker.