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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"The one with the festivities..."

(..cue Dendang Perantau, by P. Ramlee..)

Salam lebaran everyone! It'll be just a mere week that Muslims around the globe shall be celebrating the coming of Syawal. Rejoice, for it has been a great year and a fruitful Ramadhan, insyaAllah...

I'm not sure of Muslims in other parts of the sphere, but every Ali and Tipah here in Malaysian soil consider Aidilfitri to be the epitome of festivities. I'm none shy of admitting it myself - every year the build up towards this time of the year always manage to get me pumped up and cheerful. Now this year's a bit different. This year I'm coming back for raya as a government servant; so that could bid an end to all my soon-to-be-gone-never-seen-it-coming duit raya..*sob*sob*.

Now that's not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that I'm phasing out from the others faster. Eventually Andi, Along, Afzal's gonna face the same song. Kick the same dirt. Sing the same tune. Well I guess what matters is the gathering of families, and the whole spirit of Syawal. Which seems to remind me every year that family is important and always be grateful for them you still have. Oh, and sometimes Syawal also reminds me that the whole month spent fasting in Ramadhan didn't quite help me shake-off those extra pounds. More of gaining, than losing. *sigh*

One particular memory I had in the Syawal celebrations of yesteryears (where the haze was still non apparent, and Mines still had a skating rink and LaserQuest..!) was that of going back to Semenanjung. We're the only ones in the family abroad so going back for lebaran was always more like an adventure for all of us. Those were the times when Dad would always scream to the top of his lungs (and beyond) because we were always late to the airport; despite the airport being a mere 5 minutes from home. No matter how hard and how prepared we were, we'd always surely be checking-in at KKIA in the eleventh-hour. Boy Dad was always pissed back then. So did Mom, but I guess that's normal in every family.

What Andi, Afzal and myself would do usually before going on board the plane was to buy as many comics and magazines as we could. Actually, more of begging Mom and Dad for money to buy them. Wait, slash that. More of 'forcing' them to buy it....Now being that it was a two and a half-hours flight all the way to KL, Mom always had to give in. Knowing how we'd be in the plane, giving us something to get distracted to through the journey goes a long way. Back in those days though we'd land in Subang, and usually we took the late night flights so we'd arrive in the early mornings with Aki greeting us at the airport.

Nevertheless, being a kid back then; the night aerial views of KL was to die for. Oh, and we'd also always look forward to the cabin food - no matter how it sucked. Hey, we were kids. Anything goes.

As years pass by and we got 'a bit' older this journey slowly lost that innocent fun. I guess flying now is more of like a chore. It's been two years since I had experienced flights to KL for raya, being it is that I'm now localised here. Anyways, those were the memories of Raya back then I'd never trade in for anything else. Back when everything was fun, you'd never had to worry about anything, and all you look forward to is spending 1st of Syawal with your family by your side. I miss these experiences dearly.

Ni tak start cerita pasal shopping raya kat PKNS and Subang Parade lagi. Pergh tu lagi la haru. Bestnyer beraya waktu budak-budak...

Sesuci lebaran,

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