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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"The One with the comeback....."

At last, after a long eluded 'vacation' from blogging I've finally found the time to pen-down a few knit-knacks. Believe me that during the absence A LOT have been going through my life; and thus prevented me from further jotting stuff down here in blogspot.

I think that after all the experiences I've gained throughout the past few weeks, I've earned some valuable insights on making choices; that something worth going after is something that we would risk anything for. I now believe that only in the absence of fear shall you know courage, and the very fact that risking losing something your after only makes you strive harder to achieve it. And the more you strive the more it's worth fighting for.

At least that's my motivation at the moment. There are no tarot readings in life; you live in the moment and in the moment you take chances, and bear with its consequence. At the end of the day, the one who goes about fighting feels most satisfied than the ones who took the easy way out. And frankly speaking, I'm surviving at the moment...barely, but nevertheless still happy.

Today I decided to chill a bit from the hecticness that I've been caught up with these last few weeks. Literally speaking, I haven't had some time to myself and a man needs some time-off from, err...time to time.

Upon channel surfing through Astro, I chanced upon Dennis Quaid's drama flick 'In Good Company'. Of course, Scarlett Johannson was a reason GREAT enough to keep me hooked to the screen but the whole movie caught me by suprise.

It's not that conventional human drama you'd expect especially with the likes of Topher Grace; and it really won't give you an ending many of us would suppose to. I guess what sunk me in was that the whole movie's plot became so much of relevance to me (no pun intended) especially in figuring out what to do with my life. Of course, we hear that everyone wants to earn big but I suppose....the important thing is to pursue something that MEANS something to you. It will eventually hit you that monetary wealth and shinning dollar signs won't matter as much when we're a bit older, and grown more mature in our conscience towards what life means. I guess that's what I felt after the ending credits.

Let the thought linger; wouldn't it be nice to be doing something that makes you feel good about yourself? And the very fact that your enjoying your life then in the long run would actually mean that you'll be living a happy life? I'd certainly like the option.

And think about it - is your life worth living if you earn big bucks but always end up coming home from work feeling distraught and moody?

Life is precious; a year 'living' is far superior than a life of a thousand years.

So, to all my friends still working their way into the workforces don't hesitate. Pursue efforts worth doing and hopefully your happiness would in turn be that motivating spirit for you to achieve higher levels in your life. After all, life is more of like a wheel; sometimes your up and eventually you'll also be down. With that metaphore in mind, relate that in progressing to a higher level - you'd take less energy rolling a circle uphill; than pushing a flat board up.

Therefore don't live a flat life. Live life to the full. Live the life in a circle. It is when you get to experience bad times shall we learn to appreciate the good times. I've learned this through wisdom, and because of it I'm striving to get where I want to be.


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Anonymous said...

deii lebai, itu tarikh pun sudah salah bulan ka? this entry is supposed to be dated on the 25th of AUGUST daa, bukan july..heh -kundur