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Saturday, June 24, 2006

"The One with clarifying myself..."

Okay-okay, thanks to my 'good' old bro's I missed the part of me taking a short-cut into the 'paya', or huge drain near Firman's house. But, in full defense it was kinda dark okay people...and back then Andi's bicycle was darn high (or was I not tall enough?) for me to even cycle.

Let's just say that after that day I left the cycling-discovering-your-backyard arena for a while, until I could get the stench off myself. I remember a few days later I was back cycling through an alternative shortcuts which doesn't involve anywhere near any drains - and the path involved cycling on a long distant woodpath, flanked by houses locals often called 'kampung air'. Those were the days, being young and free. And silly. And crazy. Oh, don't rule out stupid as well...

Gotta pen-off, Ainul's playing with the talcum powder again...


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