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Friday, May 12, 2006

"The One with tolerance and learning to listen..."

If there's one thing I've learned to muster since I moved into KL, is patience and tolerance. Sure, I might still won't be the most tolerant and cool person in the whole existence of mankind but I'm sure making my way to it.

I guess life here, being independent from the grasps of other people rather develops on you; that you're the only entity to survive. At the end of the day, the only person you'll have to explain to is thyself. And one of the perks of being this free is that your actions most of the time only implicates yours and not others. Which is good, in a way.

However there's also the argument that flying solo also means that you're not obligated to any favors and help from others by default. And more often than not asking for help in this modern world rather resonates the ego so much that people just choose escapism rather than ask for favors. Sometimes this fact just doesn't help but I'd always remind most of my close friends here that they shouldn't feel afraid to ask for help from others they feel comfortable with, as long as we don't forget their deeds upon us. For a good deed in my book never falls on deaf ears, and immortal till the last turn of time.

But that's not the point I'm trying to tell you guys today. What's interesting is that this post revolves around developing sense of tolerance and patience; two very different concepts of social etiquette and behaviours but somewhat similar in philosophy.

Sometimes we fail to be more tolerant and patient to others because we fail to master one of the most vital apect of the five senses - the gift of hearing. We fail to listen. All because we're too indulged in another form of these pentruples that is the gift of speech. A majority of us are frequently too outspoken to even take a break to listen to others which eventually made us more ignorant and selfish. A wise good friend of mine once told me that when we fail to listen then we'll fail to talk. Ironically, that's just how it all started; we learn to speak by first learning to listen. We could never have mastered the art of speech without meticulously being able to manipulate our senses of hearing.

I've learned a lot in my life here that in order to speak, you must first listen. And when you start listening then you'll be able to talk. I'm getting better at it everyday, well at least I hope so.


P/S : Happy Mother's Day to all moms throughout the world, especially mine back in KK. Thanks mom for all your love and care, and for always reminding me that no matter how high I go, my feet should always sit firmly on the ground. I love you mom.

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