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Sunday, March 19, 2006

"The One with Family and Ties..."

Friends are the family you choose; or so they say.

Contrary, it bids as much truth as reality forsakes us. We find solace often within the confines of individuals that make us feel comfortable and belonged. With regards towards the definition; the true vision of family and ties confers past even most stringent barriers.

On a more personal note, I've always come to the consensus that most of my closest friends and acquaintances ARE family. It might be off comprehension for some, but these are the people that make you feel at home in times when you feel lonely and outcasted. These are the people who remind you to be less apprehensive and convulsive, yet be in the moment and always thankful. I'm in debt to God for giving me these kind of people in my life.

With that said, I love my family in which the same blood flows through my veins even more. I love them to bits and forever they'll occupy a place in my heart.

My last weekend concluded on a very eventful end of my week. Had a great day out with friends kind enough to spare their time and for that I'm thankful. Watched V for Vendetta which was rather compelling rather than entertaining - for those expecting a bloodbath of action and adventure would turn out dissapointed; the movie's filled with philosophy and propagandas - something you'd expect from the Wachowski's, the people who confused us with his antics in Matrix Reloaded (The Architect scene) and Revolutions (The whole movie itself!). If you think these movies were tough to comprehend, then multiply it by 5-folds and you'll get a brief idea of what to expect with this movie.

I loved it nevertheless. I like being confused, I guess.

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