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Sunday, October 02, 2005

"The One with friends and family ties..."

This week has been really trying...I've had quite a share of ups and downs the last 7-days.

Work's been pretty hectic on some days, on others I had to find something to do to pass time. It seems so ironic that work comes piling down whenever I'm outta time. Like at 6pm in the evening, as I'm chasing for a hangout session with friends in Mid-Valley an hour later. KL's notorious for its demanding traffic-jams, which means getting to places as near as a blink of an eye would take at least 50 blinks on rush hour.

Anyways, I was supposed to meet Is, Erni and Azfar for a late dinner in Mid-Valley. Long story made short, we only had dinner at 9.30pm which was entirely fun and laughters - topic emphasized was on voodoo. We ended everything at around 11pm. Since Erni and Is commuted through the Komuter and LRT, being so late into the night only means that they'd be missing the last trains for the day. And coincidently I happened to drive - the mammoth Ford Spectron my family has for the past 20 years. Another long story cut short; I sent Erni off at Kepong, and like voodoo magic we managed to persuade Is to spend the night at Erni's instead of me having to send her off at Sentul (which is like, the other way around from Kepong!). The very thought of having to be at work the next day at dead morning, I really hadn't any plans to drop by Sentul anytime that night.

I reached Putrajaya at around 12.20am - after being lost somewhere in Kuala Selangor from Kepong. Luckily PakTam was polishing his X-Trail late that night, or else I'd be crawling up the window into my room.

Anyways, this weekend the folks from Temerloh came over, which also meant that Aki and Wan dropped by as well. So basically yesterday we had sort-of a family gathering in Putrajaya. Kinda felt great; and in some ways it brought my mind off how much I was missing home and my family back in KK. This was my first encounter with PakDe and MakDe since coming home from Korea, so guess how much questions we had to clarify the amount of weight I've lost and how I ended up here in UPM. Oh, and did I mentioned earlier that day I spent the day at the movies with Yam, Hanum and Azfar again? That was fun. I'm beginning to love these rendezvous with my UMS friends. Makes you feel alive again.

I came to a conclusion that I need these sorta therapies once in a while - having to hangout with familiar friends every now and then. It can be really pressured being in the lab week by week, and to be able to talk absolutely nothing associated with that with the people I'm really secure with feels like being high on narcotics. It's these sorta times that the people you care about in the past comes into play - this is when we really need them the most. The moment when all you have is yourself. This is when you thank God of giving you these sets of acquaintances.

The family gathering was a bonus; and I can't wait till my next trip to Bentong somewhere in the coming Ramadhan month. Now that'll be something else to write about.

Lie has recently reached Bangi yesterday; my Dad's coming over later tonight for business issues. Which means that I'll be meeting up with Lie soon and updating on her whereabouts, as well as spending the next few days in Seri Petaling where my dad would stay. Not that I'm complaining, because the first principle should be family.

Like I've said before, toro para familia.



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quite impressive..driving ur way from kepong back to putrajaya with the van..but dun do the coming-back-home-late stuff too often..coz once paktam's asleep,there's no way to get in unless wake them up! (huhu past experience) -afzal