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Friday, April 08, 2005

Finding stuff to do nowadays is such a hassle....;-)

I apologize for the recent enrty. The computer I used in this cybercafe was rather unpleasantly lagging and I myself am quite irritated that the latest entry appeared to be empty.
Well, as you might've presumed; yes, I am still on Malaysian soil. Apparently there was a setback in the initial expected departure of us students going to Korea. Visa's were just cleared two days ago, and therefore there was no way UMS could get tickets for 12 passengers on a flight the next day (which was yesterday) scheduled in the wee hours of the day. Therefore it has been clarified that my next flight will be on the 13th of April, ETD 1.45am. Yup, one more week in blessed KK. So this actually turned out for the better of most of us, I bet Cindy can now settle her baggage scare and Jo can at least have another week with Adrian. As for me, less stuff to worry about as I've already gotten everything settled, baggages and everything prior to the initial expected day of departure so for now it's just some more leisure time at the moment. Which also translates into more time to have chit-chats with Fifah on the phone. God I miss her so much. Feeling so close on the phone yet being so far away from her seems the most gruesome reality hitting me right now. At least she's having fun, along with the rest of the gang in IMR especially Lie (which is currently her room-mate). I'm happy for the both of 'em.
I realise that the last few entries were revolving mainly on my sad life and I think you guys should be given a break from all these dramas and emotional crap. I mean, thanks for lending an eye our for me, I appreciate your attentive selves so now let me tell you about the more fascinating insights of my boring life at the moment...:-) I'm hanging out mostly these days with Andi, well him being the only buddy I have at the moment. So basically if I'm not in UMS dealing with some Korean bureaucracy stuff and sponsorship matters I'll be lounging around on my sofa, I term this behaviour 'melangok' nowadays. I guess it's great spending the rest of the time I have with my family...I'm gonna miss them.
My preparations throughout the anticipation of departing to Korea was mainly the demands of my parents. Simply being, most of the preparations and packings I made was either entirely or majorly decided by them. It's kinda cute, because sometimes there comes a time when the children is going away for a long time but the parents seem to be the ones really excited about it. It happens to each and every one of our families, I know this for a fact. Significantly this reminds us that all our parents wants are the comfort and best being of us. They make it simple for us; in a freakishly weird way perhaps. But I love my parents. There isn't a conversation ended regarding my packing and preparations that they don'y debate on - my mom's been to Korea before while my dad's a veteran frequent flyer so believe me when I say it's more of a degree of ego and pride on the line here than to help. Cute, I guess.
Money was a factor considering we'll be going for quite some time. So my parents decided to give me a respectable amount of cash to bring along as pocket money. Not that I needed it anyways. GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Tech) will be allocating a sum of meal allowances for us as we arrive, which I think will be sufficient throughout the span of time of our attachment so I guess the money was meant for other incidental emergencies. But then lies the other expenses as well before leaving - just today we paid a sum of USD100 for travelling insurance and that's a lot of moola. Zaharin wasn't in favour of it but Cik KB promised a reimbursement so that's cool. Wonder what else lies to be paid for? At least UMS's paying for the airfares and other stuff. I love UMS (frankly at the moment).
There're many many stories about my friends during the first few days of their industrial trainings throughout the nation. Fifah's LI started off as a blunder as she ended up doing absolutely nothing for two days. Luckily things took a 180 degree turn now that she's done more hands-on yesterday and today. Don't get me started on Lie - she's as happy as a horse the moment she arrived in IMR. Azfar's doing great with the rest of the gang in Puchong. I heard from Feeza yesterday that she's doing sperm counts - on what particular organism is still a mystery but she's rather psyched about it. But things weren't so great for Ismak; her last bulletin on Friendster complied that she'd smashed the autoclave machine in her lab. I've been with her for almost a year in the BRI lab and she tends to be a bit clumsy sometimes, but she never did any damage on the equipments...not until now anyways. Anyways good luck on your next assignments Is, you'll do better next time I know. Erni and Nafa's also doing good, I hear they're one of a few students doing their attachments which were given allowances. And thanks for your wish Najib, hope you'll do fine in Tech Park M'sia handling Keli's and other marine stuff. I wish all the best for each and every other collegues of mine doing their LI, and I do hope to see you guys soon in the future - during convocation in particular.
Tommorow there's gonna be more stuff to do in preparation for our departure to Korea - we're going to IBTP to get acquainted with the GC-MS machine, and then there's gonna be a short preparative course on Korea this weekend. At least we won't be sitting ducks arriving in Korea; at least we're prepared. I was kinda worried actually before but now I'm ever more confident that we'll manage ourselves just fine later.
Hope that this entry's gonna get through. To my fellow collegues, I'm looking forward for your stories on your LI experiences so mail me okay? Hopefully I'll be able to post a few more entries before leaving. Until next post, take care and drink lots and lots of water!
P/S : My deepest condolences on the passing away of Malaty's brother. May he rest in peace.

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