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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Numero UNO.. last i'm posting my first blog post. I've been inspired by a number of blogs (thanks lie!) enough to convince myself that I could also bring up one and that brings us here. Its a wonder nowadays that some individuals refer blogs as their own personal diary, but it tends to be a tad ironic doesn't it? I mean, who would want their personal journals being read by other people, perhaps hundreds (if your lucky enough to have these many people visiting your blog) of anonymous individual? Concurrently therefore I would like to think of this blog as a place where I share the glory and wisdoms of life with those close to me or to those I'm blessed enough to have accidently misspelled their intended website url and is thus brought to my blog (what are the odds?). Whatever the reasons are, I just hope that you guys'll bare with me and what I'll be posting up in the future....well my life can sometimes be as dull as you can never imagine, but hey lets be adventurous and take a risk...i might suprise you.

Life is a LONG lesson in humility. I ventured upon this iconic quote while vigorously searching the net for references for my third year thesis (hahaha 3rd year students have you been typing lately?) and miraculously was led to a site where its heading states the above. Well, having found only ONE reliable thesis source for my thesis I thought that my search had led its purpose and now its time to just mingle around in cyberspace. For all I care I might not even be reading that journal anyways; it'll just end up as another log in my thesis's references section (we need at least 60 for our thesis ppl!).

Ok, enough of thesis blunders. Did you just realised that I've just wasted a paragraph telling you nonsense? Ok so while I was reading it, which takes about 5 seconds for normal ppl but for those passionate enough, around a minute I find it rather fitting for most of us. Though it may not seem significant to a certain degree, but I feel that throughout life God has been teaching us the true meaning of humility to conclude the greatest value of all : humbility. I believe that a life painted with the passions of joy, pain, sadness, friendship and love is a life well spent, but everything must start with humility. I remembered when I first started studying abroad (meaning, away from home...) it was a bit hard because I was on my own for once, and all my insecurities will be presented to the open world, so I was nervous at a point. Somebody then told me that in order to fit into a new environment, you need to learn the essence of humility, then shall you know humbility, and therefore shall you reap respect. He told me that when you arrive in a new environment, regardless of your academical and economical background or the status you are in, always think of yourself at the lowest level of the community. By saying this I don't mean thinking of yourself as a cleaning lady, or even an amah...i mean it hypocritically. We're new to the place and therefore will tend to make mistakes along the way, and by making them we learn to feel humility and then to be humble of our mistakes. Evolution lies as a proof that man learns from their mistakes and by time you won't be making these mistakes again, but someone preceeding you will. Therefore you reap respects from both these people preceeding you and those who 'grew' wise with you. Its a long journey, but like they say, its not about the end but about how the journey goes by. Multiply this to a hundred and you'll get a glimpse on how fragile life is; we'll tend to make mistakes and screw up a lot growing up but it will always teach us a lesson.

Wow, its crazy how you'd end up typing these many words and not realise it at all. If only I could use this to my advantage in writing my thesis (which still hangs by its first paragraph of the results section, huh!) I'd be able to finish it on time. Anyways, that all for now, might be putting something up if you guys aren't bored for another dash of my life then stay tuned! Oh, and by the way there's another reason of why I chose this date for my first post entry, i.e blog date of origin. I felt that this blog would be a permanent addition to my life and therefore I'd like to think that I'll grow along with the existence of this blog.


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