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Sunday, January 30, 2005

I got punkd! And loving every part of it...

Yesterday was indeed a splashing good time!

Hah! After years of punkin' others for their birthday I got a taste of it myself when my sweetheart and my dear friends honoured me one of the sweetest suprises in my life yesterday. There were actually signs everywhere throughout the afternoon, indicating the fiendish plot they were mustering...hmm I should've known..*grin of evil*

Anyways, there I was at home, reading through the latest issue of Wira Tunggal Phoenix Andi bought a few days back, planning on just lounging the whole day off while munching on boxes of Dunkin' Donuts my mum brought over from KL. How so blessed I am to have a great mother...she brings me donuts. The night before Fifah was obsessing about taking me out on 'a rod-trip' to spend the whole day together. Kononnya want to make up for all the times we spent apart...I should've known all those persistence led to a grim plot of hers. That's the first of many signs to come...:-) So ok I'd give in and she's supposed to pick me up around 2.30pm. Before that I'd planned to go 'yum-cha' with Azfar and Fadil but my calls to them were to no avail. I wondered where they were? In a tunnel or a cave perhaps, explains the lack of hp-line signals? Somewhere in the middle of nowhere maybe? Well, they're most likely somewhere in Sabah I'll never find anyways so might as well not find out. Second sign of something is in the air...:-)

As usual, I was ready to go to wherever Fifah wanted to go and, as usual she SMSed me indicating that she'd be late...a trait so common I thought of it none other than her being late as usual. Well, her explanation that she had to send her dad's office keys to the office in the middle of a SATURDAY WEEKEND was actually her sending stuff over to UMS. And she drove all the way from there to my hse again...she's so sweet! So she arrived and we went for some yoyo's to have on the go. She said something about going to Pantai Dalit but hinted Rasa Ria. Another signs, I thought. But nah, she looks convincing enough anyways that it's just the two of us on a trip.

After a strenous almost 45minutes of driving around and asking for directions to Pantai Dalit, we finally resorted of going to Rasa Ria anyways. It great when both people go on a road trip not knowing where they're going or even how to get there...I can tell you. Hahaha anyways it was fun having conversations with her in the car, love her soo much. So there we were on our way to the parking lot when she ordered to take another path leading straight to the beach. Well, something new so might as well go offroad. Its her car anyways..mwahahaha! As we reached the beach I caught a glimpse of two familiar cars, CAT1907 and WHF2030. The first impression was, how dare they have a picnic on the beach without us! But then I looked at Fifah and she had this long smirk on her face, before bursting out in laughter. I was PUNKED! Hahaha well Feeza took out the cake and the rest was history. A great fun soaking in the sun yesterday was...hope everyone had a good time, because I did.

Thanks everyone, Yam, Nina, Fadil, Azfar, Feeza, Faeza and Fifah, my sweetheart for yesterday. I look up to you guys as more of a family and to have all of you on an occasion so meaningful to me as yesterday was really heartwarming. Thanks for everything. I know I might not be the best friend you guys ever had but I assure you that you are to me. Indeed, this birthday will forever be embedded in my memories forever. Thanks again guys!


P/S : Happy birthday Faizal! Hope you had a great birthday as I did!

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