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Friday, January 28, 2005

Goodbye Fren...

Yesterday night was Kerr-ray-zee!

Its a wonder, this friendship thingy - how a complete stranger could effect you in such a way that it influences how you grow up mentally and spiritually as a person. I've been blessed with all the friends I've had the priviledge of sharing my life in UMS - the only dissapointment in my behalf is that of not getting really acquainted with you guys earlier, WAAYYY earlier, as in 1st year! Time flies by and its getting close to the end of our last year here in UMS...I'm gonna miss each and every one of them because they've inspired me in ways I never imagined the extent.

Yesterday was a tribute to a fren, a great fren - Hairul Anuar (forgive me if its mispronounced) and I thought everyone had a blast! Its a pity really, such a talented person in my opinion, had to withdraw the semester for such a ridicule reason. Whatever it may be, yesterday night was yours my fren...everyone gathering and celebrating those fine moments in time, together cherishing the tiny bit of time span we still have left with each other. People laughed, everybody was indeed hot (literally!) but surely left the place with more than a full stomach. Hopefully you had much fun Anuar, as you gave us when you carved a smile on each frown we had everyday in class. You'll always have a place in our hearts - as much as we hope we have in yours...

As I'd always say - Separation is temporary, memories are forever, but friendships are immortal....goodbye for now, my fren.

P/S : Promise I'll elaborate more on yesterday night once I get the pics posted!!


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